Xinjiang Public Information Industry Co., Ltd.introductions of company

China Communications Services Corporation Ltd (called “China ComService” in short hereinafter) is a large-scale company agreed by the State Council, permitted by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and registered at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce with 3.96 billion yuan of registered capital. The company was listed on December 8, 2006 at Hong Kong. In February 2007, the China ComService (0552) was absorbed in the “Hang Seng China Enterprises Index” (“H-Share Index”). The China ComService has established over 100 professional subsidies in the 19 provinces in China, and the annual income in 2009 arrives at Renminbi 39.3 billion yuan.



Xinjiang Public Information Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional subsidy under the China ComService, determined as one of the six software bases by the China ComService in 2007; the registered capital is 61.70 million yuan.

The company engages mainly in software development, system integration, telecom increment, IT service, etc. good at the multilingual software development, RFID technology development, telecom increment service, telecom operation supporting system, telecom billing, electronic governmental affair, cooperation works platform, GPS/GIS, commercial intelligence and the design and development of some other fields. The business scope ranges from telecom, postal service, finance, electricity, government, transportation, education, taxation, to the public security organs and various other fields.

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